How We Work

How We Work

Join Calendly as we redefine work with our remote-first, not remote-only, culture and collaborative approach.

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Our Remote-First, Not Remote-Only, Culture: Empowering Collaboration, Amplifying Diversity

Calendly is proud to be a remote-first company. We believe in the power of flexibility and accessibility, enabling us to attract top talent from around the country with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Our remote-first approach ensures a consistent experience for everyone while we eliminate the constraints of physical boundaries, and fuel innovation and collaboration on a national scale.

Calendly’s Onboarding Process: Setting You Up for Success From Day One

We believe in creating an exceptional onboarding experience that reaches far beyond week one. By boosting engagement, optimizing productivity, and increasing employee retention, a strategic onboarding program sparks new hire metamorphosis and retains top talent for many years to come. Here’s what 
you can expect:

Week One
Week OneFirst 30 DaysFirst 60 DaysFirst 90 Days

Week One

We’re so excited you’re here! In your first week, you’ll attend curated onboarding sessions to get acquainted with the Calendly product and culture, meet with our IT team to learn about the software we use at Calendly and connect with other new hires as we create new bonds and relationships.

First 30 Days

Let’s keep the welcome party going! In your first 30 days, you’ll have multiple opportunities to meet with other new hires as well as veteran CalPals to learn about their experiences at Calendly. You’ll start building relationships with your direct teammates, gain a stronger holistic understanding of Calendly, and contribute to projects that matter.

First 60 Days

During your first 60 days, you’ll have a unique opportunity to meet other Cal Pals from across the business through different company-wide events. During this time, your team will have you ramped up and your contributions will start to make a tangible difference in our company's growth.

First 90 Days

Now that you’re more settled into your role, it’s time to connect with Calendly’s leadership team! You and your fellow new hires will meet with our Executive Leadership Team, where you’ll get to ask your burning questions as well as get to know our leaders on a more personal level.  During your first 90 days, you’ll also discuss your long-term goals with your manager and explore opportunities for growth at Calendly.

Cultivating Growth and Continuous Learning: Our Commitment to Development

People come to Calendly for a career, not just a job. They want to grow, develop, receive feedback and new opportunities, and do meaningful work that matters in a company that lives its values every day! We are committed to your growth and development at Calendly. From access to live facilitator-led workshops to help shape our leaders into the best versions of themselves, to external speakers and career progression pathways, we empower you to take charge of your professional development journey.

Socializing and Building Connections

While we embrace remote work, we understand the importance of human connection and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. At Calendly, we provide various virtual opportunities for team members to socialize and build meaningful relationships. Our leaders know the importance of meeting in-person to create trust and encourage collaboration, and that’s why we have an annual kickoff where Cal Pals have the option to come together in-person to build relationships and get excited for the year ahead at Calendly. Whether it's through virtual events, engaging in Belonging Groups or hobby-based Slack channels, Calendly is committed to creating an environment where everyone can connect, share ideas, and thrive together.

Recognition and Appreciation: Celebrating Achievements Professionally and Personally

We take pride in recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of our team members. At Calendly, we have a culture of appreciation where your hard work and dedication are acknowledged. From peer-to-peer recognition to internal awards and celebrations, we foster an environment that values your contributions and ensures that your achievements are recognized by the entire organization.
Our celebrations don’t just end in the workplace. We’re proud of the personal milestones of our Cal Pals and celebrate with them through our Life Event Kits.

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