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Work-Life Balance Tips from Calendly’s Leadership Team

Finding a work-life balance can be stressful in and of it itself. Layer on working remotely from your home and it can feel impossible to separate work and everyday life. You want to “Strive for Excellence” (one of Calendly’s core values) and succeed at work without sacrificing your loved ones and your mental health. Finding the right balance between work and life can give you a healthy mindset that can be vital in being the best team member you can be.

We sat down with some of our leadership team to hear how they focus on maintaining a sustainable work-life balance while leading their teams at Calendly. Here’s what they had to say:

“Energize” your schedule

“I try to design my day in such a way that I get a mix of things that give me energy. One of those things that give me energy is being active and walking. Doing these activities throughout my day allows me to be my best self while working from home and have more energy during the workday.”

- Tope Awotona, Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Find a way to “commute” to work (even if you work remotely)

“While Calendly is a remote-first company, I ‘commute’ to work. I have one spot in my house where I work. In the morning, I grab my coffee and take a routine path to my workstation. I never carry my laptop to any other part of my house. This is intentional. Once I’m done for the day, I leave my laptop in my office area, and that’s my way of leaving work and ‘commuting’ home. This way, I can decompress, away from the computer, and with my family.”

- Roy Duvall, Chief Technology Officer

Ask for accountability from your loved ones & block time on your calendar

“Asking for help from your loved ones is a great way to maintain a healthy work-life balance. I ask my family to remind me when I’m not present because I may not even be aware of it. I also make sure to block time off on my calendar throughout the day. This allows me to have time to focus on work I need to get done, so I’m not having to find time after work hours to complete them.”

- Tina Dobie, Chief Customer Officer

Be intentional with your time

“Make sure you are actively in control of your calendar and your time. Time is your most precious resource. It’s important to actively maintain your time, so make that a focus point as you navigate your work-life balance. I’d also recommend relying on your loved ones because they will remind you to take the time you need to maintain healthy relationships outside of work.”

- Patrick Moran, Chief Marketing Officer

Set your hours and stick to them

“One of our values is ‘Focus Wisely,’ and I try to stick to that when maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I set my hours when I’m going to work, and also block time for things I enjoy doing, like taking a walk or working out. It’s important to mix activities you enjoy doing within your schedule so you can proactively avoid burnout as much as possible.”

- Jeff Diana, Chief People Officer


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