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Kolton Prymula’s Calendly Story

Prior to the pandemic, Kolton Prymula had his life together. He had worked himself up into a fast-paced leadership role in the retail industry, and frequently traveled throughout the country. At one time, he was even living in one of the most desired neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Kolton was maintaining his lifestyle as normal until he noticed more and more passengers in airports beginning to wear face masks. It was only a few short days later that a travel ban was placed by his company and he could no longer do his job. Just as Kolton started to realize his accomplishments, the pandemic hit and the job and life he once had was all stripped away.

Kolton’s unemployment brought a valuable moment for deep reflection. “I did a ton of soul searching, and really tried to reflect and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I had previously shaped my identity around the work I did and the accomplishments I was achieving. Now, I wanted to find a career where I could truly help people and feel a bit more fulfilled, but without the need to constantly travel.”

The actual process for pursuing a new career was beyond challenging. It resulted in a very dark time for Kolton where he continued to struggle mentally. But, after over 700 job applications across multiple companies, Kolton received a call from Shannan Farmer, a recruiter at Calendly. After being unemployed for several months, Kolton finally found a home at Calendly as a Product Specialist.

“I love helping [our customers] who count on our product to do their business. That is a major shift for me in what I used to do.” As far as his mental health goes, Kolton is thankful that he successfully managed a career change that has given him value and purpose in such an uncertain time. “My mental health has been positively impacted by my new role. Calendly has given me day to day stability and the stress of changing careers and wondering how I’m going to pay my bills is now gone.”

Kolton knows that he is one of many people who have suffered from mental health issues even more so during the pandemic. He sadly lost two friends to substance abuse and is all too familiar with seeing what a lack of help and support can result in. “[I think back to my last work-related travels prior to the pandemic], I had no idea what was ahead. At that point it doesn’t matter how much money you make or the things you have. It won’t result in happiness. I say to others who may be experiencing what I did, ask for help, take time to step away and really find out what you want in life. Then, take a leap and make a change.”


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