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How to Recharge and Disconnect When Working in a Remote-First Environment

You’ve been working from home for a while now and it’s everything you thought it would be. No more getting out of bed at the crack of dawn, sitting for hours in dense traffic or rushing to get the kids to/from school. You get to work from the comfort and safety of your home while keeping a close eye on the kids, and with gas & childcare prices looking like they’ve been, it’s a win-win…but is it really? Months later, zero change in scenery, blurred work-life boundaries, isolation amplified with the ongoing pandemic, and stress from frequently wearing different hats have reared their ugly heads leading to stale, uninspired work days. Mentally, it can become a bit of a challenge to work at optimum levels when the mind isn’t often refreshed. 

Working from home certainly has its benefits, though employees must put the time in to keep their minds recharged and consistently productive by doing activities away from the work space. So, what do our Calendly team members do to combat remote work fatigue? 

Name: James Fuston

Role: QA Engineer III

“Pseudo-commutes: I sandwich my daily working hours with a walk around my neighborhood which gives my brain the chance to wind down like it used to during my drives to and from the office.

Micro-workouts >  snacks: The temptation to eat something when your brain needs a break is strong, but engaging in activities like air squats or walking up and down flights of stairs gives me the same context switch without the drawbacks like the energy dip you could get a few hours after eating something sugary. Also 10-15 minute naps to clear up brain fog can be hugely beneficial in regaining energy and focus later in the day.”


Name: Annie Kearney 

Role: Developer Support Specialist CX

“I like to take micro-breaks throughout the day to go outside to water the flowers, chase my dog in the yard, or just sit in the sun. Stepping away for a few minutes helps me to recharge and come back with more energy and focus.”


Name: Kaiana McQueen 

Role: Product Specialist

“I engage in my creative abilities such as writing short stories and painting to challenge my mind to think outside of the box. Also, working out in the gym and taking nature walks allow me to activate my physical wellness and it gets me outside of the house. Lastly, trying something new, whether it's a restaurant or event with loved ones, allows me to maintain a spirit of adventure.”


Name: Michael Kelly 

Role: Senior Full Stack Engineer

“It's about prioritizing the little moments of disconnect and making them a part of your habits and working schedule.”


Name: Stephanie Joyce 

Role: Product Manager III

“I work outside on nice days to recharge. I live in a rural community with lots of public green space and take advantage by working near the lake, up a mountain trail, or in the park. The fresh air and green surroundings are a great break from my usual spot at home, but it's the walk I take to get to these places that really adds to it. It gives me time to transition from home life to work life and back.”


Name: David Colley 

Role: Enablement Manager, Onboarding

“I enjoy a morning workout and sign myself up for bike races to stay motivated. Secondly, taking a midday break for 30 minutes of mindful stretching or a walk to clear my head helps with focus. Furthermore, setting distinct working hours helps, mine are 9:30-5:30 and I leave my computer when work is done. Lastly, designating family time: I drive my daughter to school each morning and eat lunch/dinner with the family.”


Name: Lauren Page, 

Role: Global Privacy Counsel

“I like to recharge during the day by walking my dogs at lunch which is something I couldn’t do in a traditional office environment and I like to disconnect by turning off notifications when I spend time I've set aside to be with my children.”


Name: Justin Cruz 

Role: Solutions Engineering Manager

  • “ Stand up desk
  • Try not to eat lunch at my desk
  • Exercise and/or walk my dog at lunch
  • Make sure my office has plenty of light and windows - nature is soothing! 
  • Get up from my desk at least once an hour even just to stretch, say hi to my wife and kids (she's a SAHM and my kids are younger)
  • Make sure I draw clear boundaries for said wife and kids as it relates to focusing at work - that said try not to take yourself too seriously, interruptions happen, START WITH HUMAN!
  • Use my PTO!”


Name: Bruce Bere 

Role: CX Data Analyst, CX

“I’m a dad of two toddlers so recharging from work almost always involves time with them. When working remotely, I found two things are really important in creating separation and limiting burnout.  Firstly, a dedicated work space and secondly, discipline to focus during work hours. I keep my work in the same room in my house. That is my office and once I walk out for the day, I don’t keep the door open or wander back in. It’s critical for me to make that distinction. The other part of that is focusing during work hours. They don’t always have to be the same hours everyday but they are strict in the sense that when I am in my office, I’m focused on work and when I am with my family and kids, I’m focused on them exclusively. I make sure to recharge while spending time with the kids in the morning before school and in the afternoon when they get home.”


Name: Katie Purcell

Role: Head of People Ops, Business Partners, and L&D

“I purposely block my mornings for Barre, Tabata, HIIT, and personal training - I do a workout (almost) every day which gives me the energy and stamina for the full day ahead! I also balance weekends between productivity at home, doing something fun, and having some purposeful downtime. I feel the most recharged after the weekend when I've been able to find a bit of solo time, a bit of social time, and a bit of rest time. Most importantly, sleep - I'm trying to do much better about committing to a reasonable bedtime and consistent sleep schedule.”


Name: Serena McMahon

Role: Sr Social Media Manager

“Since I'm constantly monitoring and updating social media for my job, I try to disconnect as much as possible once the workday ends. I have screen timers set up to remind me when I've hit my limit!”


Name: Symone' Austin

Role: Product Content Strategist III

“I like to schedule work hours that fit my lifestyle. I prefer slower mornings to get ready for the day and then decide what I need to work on. I have most of my meetings in the middle of the work day, then I block off time during the last third of my day to do more "heads down" work.”


Name: Adrianne Wagner, 

Role: Billing Analyst II

“I love tropical plants so I’ve filled my home office with them! It sparks joy each morning when I walk into the office, and being surrounded by their vibrant colors keeps me energized throughout the day. I’ve been working from home since before the pandemic, and even with my lovely plants around, spending 8+ hours a workday in the office can get a bit monotonous! To mitigate this, I’ve set up a mobile workstation on wheels with a mounted monitor and a platform for my laptop so I can work anywhere around the house. On a sunny afternoon, you’ll catch me working from the solarium with my dogs close by, begging for treats.”


Name: Candice McGrain 

Role: Senior Program Management Leader, People Programs

“My morning routine helps charge me up for the day. First thing I do in the morning after taking the kids to school is log on to check emails / slacks to catch up on what my mid-west coast colleagues worked on at the end of their days and then I set my plan for my day & tackle at least one project. Afterwards, I take the dogs for a walk, jump on my Peloton or visit my favorite coffee shop to recharge for a bit - then I commute back to my desk to finish completing my plan for the day! Then I set my working hours via email and slack and snooze notifications outside of that window. This helps me ensure I'm not tempted to respond so I can be present with my kids during the short amount of time we have together during the day. My team of course knows to text me if there is anything critical, but this helps set those boundaries and ensures they know when I am / am not online. I commute to my desk and my laptop stays there. This allows me to step away from work and doesn't feel like work follows me around the home 24/7.“

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