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Recruiting tips

Our Recruiters offer their best tips and tricks for interviewing at Calendly

At Calendly, our interview process is centered around YOU. We know you may have other opportunities to join amazing companies and it is important for us to tell you why we could be the right fit for you. We aim to create a seamless experience that allows your talents to shine through and for you to get to learn more about what it is like to work here. We believe in setting you up for success and provide personalized interview guides prior to your interview along with other resources like our phone interview tips blog. We hope these interview tips from our Recruiters help you feel prepared to put your best foot forward in what we hope is a memorable and enjoyable interview experience with Calendly.


Do your research on the interviewers

[Here at Calendly, we do what is called collaborative interviewing. This format allows you to meet with multiple interviewers from the team you’d be working on but also from other teams you may work with.] Our interview process includes meeting with multiple interviewers, This allows you to obtain different perspectives on the position and Calendly. I always recommend looking up each interviewer on LinkedIn before you meet with them and thinking about what topics they may be interested in discussing in the interview, and what questions you can ask them specifically.

-Megan Bosch, Recruiting Team Lead

Share your excitement

I love it when candidates are able to clearly articulate why they are interested in joining Calendly. Whether it’s because the product solves a pain point that they’ve personally experienced, one of the core values catches their eye, or they’ve heard one of our leaders talk at a conference. I can tell when someone has really done their research and is excited about our organization and that excitement can go a long way in differentiating themselves from the competition.

-Becca Scherff, Recruiter

Utilize the resources provided to you

"Before your panel interview, your Recruiting Coordinator will share an interview guide specific to the panel for the role you’re interviewing for. This is an excellent tool to use to plan ahead! With this guide, you can prep for questions you may be asked during certain interviews, and come up with questions tailored to a certain interview as well. A panel interview can seem daunting, so this helps to break it down a bit!"

-Jessica Shadix, Recruiting Coordinator

Practice, practice, practice

I always recommend that candidates practice! Look up common interview questions (Google is your friend!) and try to rehearse how you’d answer those questions. I highly recommend finding ways to relate any of your experience back to the question being asked. Since Calendly is remote-first and all interviews will be conducted virtually, I also recommend you test your internet connection and lighting before your interview, that way you are fully prepared and can focus on just being yourself and nailing the interviews!

-Paige Tanner, Recruiter

Interview the interviewers

Be prepared to ask questions. I like to remind candidates that the interview process is important to see if the role is the right fit for them, too. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the hiring manager’s working/communication style, what the team dynamic is like, and more information about what the work in the role will entail. Use that time wisely to find out more information and impress the interviewer by coming prepared with questions!

-David Craft, Senior Sales Recruiter

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