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How to Successfully Be Your Biggest Advocate (Even in a Remote Work Environment)

The world of work is changing rapidly with more companies pivoting to remote work or hybrid models. Companies and team members are continuing to figure out how to effectively work in this new age. One of the more challenging pieces of remote work for team members can be how to stay visible and promote their work. In an office environment, this was something that was easier to master simply because of vicinity and regular face-to-face interactions. So how can you advocate for yourself in this new environment?

1. Share the impact your work is having on the company and your team members. 

Everyone wants to know how their work is contributing to the larger goals of the company. As you Strive For Excellence, whether you are just starting a new role or you’ve been in yours for a while, think about your work and the measurable impacts you can share with your team. When doing this, think about WIIFT (what’s in it for them?) and that can help you craft a story behind your data. Determine the cadence, format and channel(s) you plan to leverage to amplify your messaging. Take the approach of less is more when thinking about your amplification.

2. Be purposeful and intentional in recognizing the great work of others.

“Behind every good man is a good woman.” This is an outdated (and somewhat offensive) age-old saying but the sentiment still stands the test of time. In all of your successes, there is always someone, even if it’s luck, in the background that has helped you get to where you are going. Always Start With Human and recognize those that have supported or collaborated with you is a great way to help others in this environment get noticed for their amazing accomplishments too. At Calendly, great leaders share the spotlight with those around them and it can help foster a culture of advocacy and recognition.

3. Ask for a seat at the table. 

Have you ever found out about a project or initiative that you’re a key stakeholder in but no one has reached out to you about it? This can happen often especially when a company is growing quickly with people joining at a rapid rate. Focus Wisely and don’t be afraid to ask for a seat at the table so that you can be a part of setting yourself and your team members up for success. 

4. Always Find A Way in how you can support your team members across the company. 

Sounds obvious right? Unfortunately “out of sight, out of mind” can cause teams to operate in silos. When you get ready to start a new project, think about who should be involved. Similarly, it can be important to identify gaps or challenges other teams are experiencing and see if there is an opportunity for you or your team to help solve them. This also helps to build rapport and visibility across various teams and these relationships can be invaluable. 

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