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Resources and tips to honor and celebrate Juneteenth

For most of American history, the meaning and importance of the Juneteenth holiday hasn’t been widely recognized and in many cases, widely known. Thankfully, on June 15, 2021, the United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution that gave Juneteenth legal holiday status. President Joe Biden quickly followed by signing the resolution recognizing it as a federal holiday that is to be observed. In honor of observing and celebrating Juneteenth, Team Calendly will join other companies in taking off Monday, June 20th. As part of our continued learning and celebration of Juneteenth, we have compiled some valuable resources as we take a moment to recognize this meaningful moment in history.

1. Listen to a podcast

During your next wellbeing walk or morning commute, listen to one of these podcasts that provide educational insight into the history and impact of Juneteenth.

2. Culinary exploration

Many of our favorite foods has deep historical roots from African Americans who were brought to America during slavery. To honor them, explore and taste your way through dishes by attending an in-person tasting event like this one hosted in Atlanta. Do a quick Google search to see what culinary events are happening in your area that celebrate Black chefs and the cuisine of their ancestors. 

3. Explore and learn the history of Juneteenth 

On January 1, 1863, enslaved African Americans were given freedom through the Emancipation Proclamation. However, freedom came later for many enslaved African Americans who were in states under heavy Confederate control. As a result of this, enslaved people in Texas did not become free until almost 2.5 years later when 2,000 Union troops marched into Galveston Bay, Texas announcing that freedom was granted by executive order to all remaining enslaved people. Today we know this day as Juneteenth. Journey through history and learn more about this impactful moment in our history through various videos and virtual exhibits from the National Museum of African American History and Culture

4. Come together with your community at local Juneteenth events honoring the history of Juneteenth

Taking a moment to come together with others to learn and recognize the history that has shaped where we are today can be hugely impactful. Such opportunities allow for learning and allyship to flourish. Cities and communities across the country have opportunities like Atlanta’s Juneteenth parade and Juneteenth Jubilee on the Lawn where you can gather to celebrate.


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