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New(bie) Beginnings Q&A

Everyone knows the feeling of starting a new job at a new company; it’s almost like the first day of school. The fear of the unknown can be overwhelming. You’re asking yourself: What will the people be like? Will I know where to go on the first day? What if I feel lost (physically OR mentally)? Will I have someone to eat lunch with (even remotely, it’s a valid concern!)?

At Calendly, we understand those feelings and created an onboarding experience for all to help ease the transition to a new company. With our company continuously growing, going from only about 100 employees before the start of the pandemic to now over 250 we’ve certainly got the hang of onboarding and welcoming new hires, even in our remote-first world. 

One team in particular, our People team (among others), has seen a lot of growth in the past few months. Interested in learning more about what it’s truly like joining Calendly’s People team? We believe the best way to learn more about what joining Calendly is like is by hearing it from our team members directly. Meet Heather Lake, Senior People Operations Specialist, Carina Medua, HR Systems Admin, and David Craft, Senior Sales Recruiter, the newest members on the People team. 

Hear from Heather, Carina, and David, on what encouraged them to make the transition to Calendly, how they’ve already contributed to the success of our company, and how they’ve had the unique opportunity to be a part of the building blocks of creating a world-class People team. 

Introduce yourself!

Heather: I am Heather Lake, Sr People Operations Specialist out of Columbia, SC. I am a working mom with two kiddos under three and an avid equestrian. I joined Calendly after spending ten years in the benefits software space.

Carina: I'm Carina - the HR Systems Admin for Calendly. I'm a Longhorn that fell in love with Austin, TX and never left (hook 'em!). I started my career as an HR Generalist, found myself working in HR Operations and now live in (and love) the world of HR Tech. 

David: My name is David Craft and I am our new Senior Sales Recruiter.  I am a husband and a dad of 3 (2 daughters and a son).  I am a diehard fan of FSU football and Atlanta Braves baseball!  I have spent the last 7 years in sales recruitment supporting various software companies on the agency side of the house. 

What made you decide to join Calendly?

Heather: The 3 P's. People: During my interviews I met with super smart people who I am now lucky to call my teammates :) ; Product: Our product is amazing and there are so many use cases for it; Perks: Calendly has the perks! Investing in your people is important and I was excited to join a team where we could do just that!

Carina: I joined Calendly because it's an amazing opportunity for growth. As a company that's on the up and up, it feels like we're always breaking new ground and with that comes the chance to do things you don't get to do at other places - like building the foundations systems-, program-, and process-wise the company will quite literally use as a base for growth. I love being able to do impactful work.

David: So many things!  First it is the people.  Everybody I have met from the top down was and is amazing!  Second is the product.  I have lived in Calendly for the last 2+ years for all of my scheduling, so it was a no brainer to join a team I already felt I was on.  Third is the opportunity for me to come in on the front-ish end of the sales org build/expansion and truly put my stamp on things.

What were your first few weeks joining the People team/Calendly like? 

Heather: AMAZING!!! Everything was done with such care and personalization. My equipment was delivered with Calendly swag which made me even more excited for my first day. I loved the onboarding process and hands-on approach by our IT and People Ops team. Everyone was so helpful and I loved that we had product training so I could be knowledgeable on the product week 1. 

Carina: The People team has been so welcoming! I felt like I was given the freedom and space to get ramped quickly so I could make an impact just a few weeks in which felt amazing.

David: Incredible, very educational, eye opening, and so much more.  The first week was heavy training on the tools, systems, processes, etc.  The second was more training, shadowing teammates, and educating myself on Calendly.  This week I am jumping into the pool and starting to recruit!  My team has been incredible with helping me get up to speed and has been there to help with absolutely anything and everything...without judgement.  I cannot say enough good things about my team, my manager, and this company! 

It is funny, I have told several people over the last few weeks that I was skeptical in the beginning about all of the "culture" talk and our number 1 value, "Start with Human".  It was definitely wasted skepticism. This company values not only our people, but people in general like none other.  It is truly inspiring. 

What advice would you give someone starting a new position on the People team?

Heather: Put on your curiosity cap- you are about to join a fast paced, rapidly changing team- ask questions, don't be afraid to join the many different channels we have to connect with other Team Members.

Carina: Speak up! Don't be afraid to ask questions of why, give ideas for solutions or even just offer your perspective. We have to be on an entirely different level communication-wise since we're remote. 

David: Embrace Calendly!  Soak up all you can and make yourself uncomfortable.  Meet new people, learn all you can about other people and their jobs within the company.  Calendly is an organization that encourages engagement, so embrace it.  

What is something you wish you knew before joining Calendly and/or the People team?

Heather: How to narrow down my favorite cereals to one or how exciting team meeting chats get would have to be at the top of my list (editor's note: When we introduce new hires in our monthly company All Hands, it’s a traditional for them to share what their favorite cereal is, which can spark some fun conversations). 

Carina: I honestly can't think of anything! I have had a great experience thus far and I don't feel like there's anything in particular I needed to prepare for or that would have been particularly helpful to know ahead of time (other than literal knowledge of the company processes for my job). 

David: That this was real...I would have joined sooner, haha.

What makes the People team different or unique?

Heather: We have an amazing team with so many diverse backgrounds. You are joining a team that wants to see Calendly be as successful as possible and there are so many opportunities to re-think the basics and turn it into the great.

Carina: We are truly a collaborative team that proves you can work as a remote team across the country but still have great team chemistry. We work well together because we're open with each other and communicative. We hop on impromptu video calls to brainstorm or just catch up, we send funny gifs in Slack but we also are clear during meetings and in emails on action items, deadlines, etc.

David: You have a voice and that voice is heard by every person on the team and on the teams that you support.  You have the ability to truly make an impact in the growth of this company.

What are you most excited about when thinking of the future of Calendly?

Heather: Our product has so many use cases and the amount of opportunity we have as a company is huge!

Carina: I am so excited for us to grow and see us build on the foundations we're laying down currently. I think we'll be able to scale quickly because of the work we've put in as a People team so we can go from onboarding 5 a week to 50 and still have it feel like a seamless, personalized experience for every new CalPal.

David: Simply, just the ride as a whole.  I cannot pinpoint only 1 thing.  As the Leadership team mentioned to all of the new hires last week, be comfortable being uncomfortable and embrace change.  When our company isn't changing and evolving, we aren't growing.


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