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Meet Calendly's Customer Experience Team

Customer Experience teams are at the center of the ecosystem for customer interactions, acting as the point of contact in creating positive experiences and being the support system for all. At Calendly, our team strives to provide a world-class customer experience, with the way we work with our customers embedded in our values of “Find a Way” and “Strive for Excellence.”

But what is it really like to work on the Customer Experience team? We sat down with Ryan Croom and Lizzie Aldridge, two of our Customer Success Managers, to learn how they got their start in the CX space, their love for helping customers, and why Calendly’s Customer Experience team is the place to be.

Journey to Customer Experience and Calendly

Every person has their own, unique career journey, and that’s obvious for Ryan and Lizzie. Ryan never pictured herself working in Tech. “Growing up I never would have imagined I'd find myself working in tech let alone automated scheduling. After graduating, I found myself resistant to typical corporate office environments.” Ryan however, stumbled into the world of Customer Success and found the work environment she was looking for at Calendly. “Calendly’s a place that encouraged my strong desire to learn and succeed.”

Meanwhile, Lizzie found herself working in a unique role for three years that was a hybrid of Marketing and Customer Success after graduating from the College of Charleston. Lizzie attributes this role to opening up her eyes to the world of Customer Success. “Following that role, I went into a full-time Customer Success role at a Real Estate SaaS company as an Onboarding Specialist.” Later Lizzie moved to Atlanta from Charleston, where she eventually transitioned into a Customer Success Manager role at a Sales SaaS company. 

Once it was time to pursue other opportunities, the perfect role for Lizzie opened at Calendly. “Being in Atlanta, I have always heard great things about Calendly, which is what led me to apply as soon as I came across the job opening on LinkedIn!”

For the Love of Customer Experience

What makes working in Customer Experience so exciting for Ryan and Lizzie? It’s ever-evolving! According to Lizzie, “there is never a dull moment in Customer Success! The CS field is still being defined, especially in the SaaS space. This means goals, responsibilities, expectations are almost always changing and there is a lot of variability in the role between companies.” Ryan adds “there is no such thing as the same day within CS!”

Not only is Customer Experience an exciting role to be in, but it’s also rewarding for career growth and personal growth as well. “It's the most rewarding experience when I can partner with a customer and approach them with empathy to help them solve a problem affecting not just their business but their own day-to-day routine,” says Ryan. 

Lizzie adds “I have grown and learned so much, not just from the different roles I’ve been in, or the companies I’ve been at, but from all of the many customers I’ve gotten to work with. Their experiences have also helped shape who I am and how I operate today.”

Lizzie finds that there are a lot of opportunities to be creative in her role in Customer Experience, which includes finding unique solutions to go above and beyond for a customer and discovering new processes to achieve goals. She refers to Customer Success Managers as the Swiss Army Knives of a company, adding “it’s true, in CS, you sometimes (usually) find yourself wearing a lot of hats. But the benefits that come out of that are you expanding your skill set across multiple areas which makes you a valuable asset to your company, and you have the opportunity to grow in other areas outside of CS that have always interested you.”

Calendly’s Customer Experience team is the place to be for CX professionals

Not all Customer Experience teams are created equal. What makes Calendly’s CX team unique? Ryan attributes it to the exciting opportunities to get creative with solutions and processes. 

“This is truly an environment which not only welcomes but encourages my curiosity. Other companies have set processes and aren't eager to experiment or question - can we do this more efficiently? Is it time to make a change? I have a unique opportunity to truly make an impact on the way my team works and the way we represent the business as a whole.”

For Lizzie, it starts with the CS leadership at Calendly. “We have amazing CS leadership. I’ve already learned SO much in such a short amount of time. I have a lot of respect for our leaders and truthfully everyone on my team because they all bring so much to the table.”

Lizzie goes on to mention that Calendly has the two key things a CS team needs to be successful: the right tools and the right processes.  Having been in CS roles before where she spent the majority of her time either doing repetitive or time-consuming manual tasks or creating her own processes to follow because the team didn’t have any already established, Lizzie says that’s not the case at Calendly. 

“At Calendly, we have a great CS tech stack with all the tools we need to be successful. We also have a process for almost everything. These two things combined take a lot of the guesswork out of our day-to-day, so we can spend the majority of our time doing what we do best - helping our customers!”

Advice to those interested in joining the CX team at Calendly

Interested in joining the CX team? Ryan encourages you to join if you’re eager to learn. “We're a scrappy team and we are always excited to collaborate [and experiment] with new ways of serving our customers and growing our team's knowledge. Your unique traits and interests are invaluable. Lean into those differences and challenge yourself to see what they can bring to the team.”

Lizzie agrees, adding “if you like to be challenged, thrive in a fast-paced environment, can handle change well, like to be creative, enjoy being a part of a team that is not only extremely supportive of each other but also genuinely appreciated by the entire company - this is the place for you!”

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