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I Participated in the Great Resignation and Here’s What Happened

As a recruiter, it’s always been a part of my job to be aware of hiring trends. Since 2020, it’s become a part of my job to be aware of RIF (Reduction in Force) across the marketplace. Since 2021, it’s become a part of my job to try to manage the whiplash I’ve experienced as a recruiter during The Great Resignation. 

With these added challenges and recent shifts in the workforce, I became a member of The Great Resignation. It seemingly happened quickly and then slowly all at once. I had just returned from maternity leave after having my second son and I felt ready for a new challenge. (As if having a four year old and an infant wasn’t enough of a challenge). I was receiving 7-10 InMails a day from recruiters or hiring managers on LinkedIn. Obviously, it felt flattering to be wanted by all of these companies for such exciting opportunities. 

Eventually, I made the decision to leave Calendly and take on a new challenge. In hindsight, leaving a job right after returning from maternity leave is probably not the best decision I could have made at the time, but I was all in. Then, a quick six months later, I was lucky enough to be hired back at Calendly into a new-ish role that better fit my long-term career goals and passions. But what am I most excited about? Returning to a company where I am deeply aligned with the mission and the product and the problem it solves for its users. 

Two things I learned from my experience 

First - Yes, there are exciting, challenging opportunities out there. In fact, most of them will pay you significantly more. It’s common knowledge that the easiest way to get a significant raise is to get a new job. However, if you don’t know your “why” AND your “why now” behind a career move then that’s a red flag you need to make space for to really dissect. 

What I would recommend when it comes to figuring out your “why” and “why now” is one simple question - is what is bothering me about this role/company/workload right now temporary or permanent? In most cases it is going to be temporary and you can cool your jets and decide a good game plan. 

Secondly, career moves don’t always have to happen by leaving your company. You can make big career moves at your current company. This can look anything like yes, the obvious - a promotion. But a lateral change is great too. It diversifies your resume and your experience. You can also raise your hand for exposure to other teams and projects. You can also start people initiatives or programs within your company that can lead you into a path you never thought of. It’s so easy to think a big change has to come by leaving your current role - but sometimes those new challenges or exciting opportunities exist within your current organization. 

To those considering diving into the great resignation and leaving your current role  

I invite you to really dissect your “why” and “why now”. I also invite you to be open to the idea of really exploring big challenges and opportunities at your current company. Don’t let yourself get complacent in your role. Encourage yourself to be creative in identifying ways to challenge yourself at your current company and in your current role. 

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