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How do you help your people avoid burnout and actually take PTO? You pay for them to go on vacation!

Over half of all US workers don’t use their full amount of time off. With remote work more widespread and technology that keeps us  connected 24/7, the burnout is real. At Calendly, we believe in taking time away from work to recharge is important for your health and it can help you feel more engaged when you come back to work. Our flexible PTO allows our people to take time away from work whenever they need it. However, we all know it can feel impossible at times to actually do that with competing priorities, project deadlines and the like. That’s why we give each Calendly team member $1000 towards any vacation they wish to take. See this Calendly perk at work from our team members as they traveled around the world with family and friends.


“In May I used my vacation stipend to take a trip to Playa Mujeres, Mexico with my wife for our wedding anniversary. We enjoyed every moment from snorkeling to a candlelit dinner on the beach.”

-Donovan Lyons, QA Engineer 


"I used my stipend to take my mom to Cabo for our first trip as a family in over 4 years. It was such a gift to be able to see her so relaxed and at peace after a tough couple years!”

-Linh Phan, Product Operations Specialist

“I used my stipend to ride my bike from DC to Pittsburgh for my 30th birthday.”

-Jordan Hu, Marketing Operations Specialist

“I used my [vacation dollars] to road trip across Zion national park, the Grand Canyon, and Sedona.”

-Riley Humes, Revenue Operations Specialist

“I used our amazing vacation stipend towards a trip to Disney World! Seeing our daughter’s reaction to the castle and princesses was truly magical.”

-Candice McGrain, Senior People Program Manager

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