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Celebrating Women's Equality Day at Calendly

Women received the right to vote through the 19th amendment after it was certified by the government on August 26th, 1920. Today, we recognize that important day in history as Women’s Equality Day. As women continue their journey towards true equality within society and the workplace and in recognition of Women’s Equality Day, we asked our Women at Calendly belonging group a simple question…

How do you or how have you supported women around you? These are what they had to say.

Women around me have supported me by checking in when they know I have something extra on my plate. Look for ways to boost other women's confidence.  Tell them when they are doing a good job.  Inspire them to rise to the challenge and chase their dreams!  We need to be supportive and celebrate each other's wins. I try to help the women around me by healing myself. I believe my own personal healing has helped all women before me and after me.” -Laurel Torres, Customer Experience 

“Information sharing! Never gatekeeping what I have learned or experienced. I love to share anything I believe will help get another woman where I am faster and with less obstacles. I’m a strong believer in goal setting, whether person or professional, and I love doing goal setting sessions with any woman who finds it beneficial. It can get tough to take action and I love being an accountability buddy to keep my fellow women focused on their ‘why’.” -Leah Rich, Sales

“I share myself as vulnerable as possible, we women can have a tendency to put others’ needs in front of our own, belittle the significance of our own experiences, or apologize for inconveniencing others (when we are not at all doing so). I like to support other women by stopping this type of negative self-talk,  help them to recognize this pattern and instead feel empowered. Never apologize for being courageous and bold, recognizing that society would enjoy many women to ‘take up less space’ both in physical settings and figuratively speaking. Here are your strengths, do not push them aside or apologize for them, and go show the world what you can do!” - Jen Kurtz, Recruiting 

"I know that I have the rights I have today and the ability to be who I am thanks to so many women before me. They fought to blaze new trails in so many ways such as the right to vote, the right to an education and also normalize being educated, having a career, having a career and a family or having a career and not having a family. They unapologetically aimed to break down norms, disrupt the status quo and for that I'm thankful and aim to do the same for women around me today and in the future." -Ashleigh Joyce, Employer Brand


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