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Advice on Creating an Inclusive Work Culture from Calendly Team Members

At Calendly, we are celebrating Women’s History Month by having events that aim to inspire and foster important and meaningful conversations. We are taking time to celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history while shining a light on  biases that impact women today with the hopes of continuing to foster an inclusive environment.

Our newly formed Women Belonging Group has set up inspiring panels that are open to all of the Calendly team. Panels include “What’s Wrong with Being Confident?” where some of our Calendly women discussed overcoming gender bias, finding their voice, and how to take a seat at the table. “Breaking the Glass Ceiling - Women & Career Growth at Calendly,” was centered around four inspiring women at Calendly who shared challenges they have faced throughout their career and advice on how we can support each other in growing our career and reaching our goals.

As we continue the conversation of supporting women in the workplace, we asked our team members to share advice and insights on how companies and individuals can work to create an inclusive culture for all. Explore these powerful insights and make your impact.


Use your influential power to uplift someone else

“As women, have the opportunity to be a part of strategic conversations and are given "a seat at the table"- or are driving these conversations-  we have an incredible opportunity to invite other women to join the conversation. So often, I see women boxing one another out, rather than using their influence to help someone else.” 

- Amy McClain, Senior Manager, Sales Enablement


Make inclusive language a vital part of your culture

“Encourage gender-inclusive language when communicating with colleagues! For example, it's so common when speaking to a group to use the term "guys". "Great job, guys", "how are you guys?"

By referring to an entire group of people as one gender, we make the assumption that men are more commonplace or valuable in the workplace than women.

Alternatively try and use language that is inclusive to all genders, like ya'll, folks, team, everyone, Cal Pals.”

- Naomi Smith, Customer Success Manager


Ensure you have the right mindset on your team

“‘In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.’ Not everyone is going to be onboard. Get rid of the people who aren't.”

- Charlie Vick, Full-Stack Programmer III


Allow for everyone’s voice to be heard

“When I think about inclusion, I always go back to times when I have felt most included. For me, it comes when I'm involved, my voice is valued or heard, and when we share our work. In my profession specifically, it's so important to show work early and often that way others can contribute and give constructive feedback earlier rather than when it's too late.” 

- Anna Jones, Senior UI/UX Designer


Lead by example

“If you are an executive, a manager, or an employee, I find it so important to lead by example. One of the most challenging cultural experiences is when grand mission statements are made and the practice is not what is preached.”

- Katheryn Malkowych, Program Manager


Women in leadership are key for company culture

“Having a diversity of women in positions of leadership with real power influences how women are treated in the workplace. And, although women can do it all, we would be better off if we received adequate support, such as equal pay, better maternity leave, medical time off for difficult periods, etc.” 

- Kaiana McQueen, Product Specialist


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